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Let’s go local for a while!

Walking around at Orchard or Somerset and have a sudden crave for burger or chicken wings? Another western restaurant that can satisfy your crave just recently opened. Burger VS Wings + Bar, this restaurant is located at Orchard Central level 11.

Burger VS Wings + Bar serves a variety of decent burgers and chicken wings. And if you are a heavy eater and think that one serving is not enough for you, they have an add-on buffet deal with every main course order (for lunch: $4.90++ and for dinner: $7.90++). The buffet variety includes macaroni, salad, grilled vegetables to desserts such as cakes and ice cream. 


Although we did not take the buffet deal, what we ordered was more than enough for two. We shared their most popular speciality burger Tyson Peanut Butter Burger ($21.90). We could not leave out their chicken wings of course. Curious how their spiciness level, we dared ourselves to order Hot Buffalo Wings ($15.80) with the spiciness level of “Suicide”. Too bad that their burgers does not come with fries. Could not leave out having burger without its best companion, we added on a serving of Garlic & Parsley Fries ($3.80).  

Tyson Peanut Butter Burger

See the generous peanut butter spread on the patty?

See the generous peanut butter spread on the patty?

Does peanut butter go well with meat patty? Yes, first time hearing it, I found it weird too. Surprisingly, after taking my first bite, it tastes alright. The combination of both peanut butter and chewy patty creates a unique after-taste. Really something new and unique.

Hot Buffalo Wings "Suicide"

Hot Buffalo Wings “Suicide”

Garlic & Parsley Fries

Garlic & Parsley Fries

As for buffalo chicken wing, the ‘suicide’ level is really spicy. I myself confident to say that I’m good at eating spicy. But the spiciness bites and we couldn’t finish the portion. The wings comes with 2 dips: sweet mustard and bbq sauce. I heard the ‘medium’ level is quite spicy too. So for those who are not good in eating spicy, forget about ordering the ‘medium’ and ‘suicide’.

I love the fries! The fries comes with a strong taste of garlic and parsley. Next time, I’ll try the cheese fries.

 For those who are indecisive in choosing which burger or wings to go to, you can have their B.W.B Mini Burger Sampler ($20.50)  and their Sampler Trio Wings ($18). The Burger Sampler includes Wagyu Beef Black Burger, B.W.B Classic Heavyweight Burger and Pumpkin Crispy Rice Cake Burger Benedict. Their Sample Trio Wings includes Cajun Barbecue Wings, Sexy Flambé Jambalaya Wingsin and Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll.

I can say that Burger VS Wings + Bar serves one of the best burger in town. I will come back here again to try their other variety of burgers and wings, of course!


Address: 181 Orchard Road, Level 11-03/04, Somerset, Singapore 238896

How to go there: 
Take MRT to Somerset (red line) and take exit 313. The 313 building is connected to Orchard Central building. Take lift to level 11.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30AM – 10PM

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