Fresh Seafood at D’Talipapa

The 6 hours journey to reach Boracay Island left us starving so we wanted to reward ourselves with some decent meal: SEAFOOD TIME!!

The seafood market is located at D’Talipapa, at Station 2. It was only 10 minutes walk from our guesthouse. To reach D’Talipapa from the White Beach, we had to enter an small alley. Just around the corner of the alley, there was a Korean restaurant called “Taste of the Moon”. But it’s always better to ask around the locals. They know best.

D’Talipapa is a complex where the tourists to shop for the fresh seafood and souvenirs. As for the locals, it is a good place to find cheaper groceries, fruits or vegetables.

Souvenir shops at D'Talipapa

Souvenir shops at D’Talipapa

In D’Talipapa, we need to do ‘a little seafood shopping’ at the seafood market. The concept is pretty similar as Noryangjin Market in Korea, customers to buy the fresh seafood and have them cooked in nearby restaurants. Around the seafood market, there are dozens of restaurant just beside the market that accept the cooking service. The price for the cooking service is varied depends on how you preferred the seafood to be prepared.

Fortunately, the restaurant staff who served us was very helpful and friendly. Not only he helped us to pick the fresh seafood, he gave us hints for the best price to bargain too. Generally, you can bargain down the price by between 30% to 50%. We were starving and excited to have our seafood ready. Three of us wanted to have different kind of seafood, but crabs are a must. So we had crabs, jumbo prawns, squid and white clams. Yummy!


Fresh seafood at the market

Fresh seafood at the market

Seafood feast!

Seafood feast!

The seafood was awesome! D’Talipapa is definitely one place that you should not miss when you’re visiting Boracay.

Price List for Seafood that we had (all based on 1/2 kg):

  • Jumbo prawn – 350PHP
  • Squid – 150PHP
  • Crab – 300PHP
  • White clams – 100PHP
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