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It’s not a cartoon or a super heroes name. The SuperDog here stands for hotdog. And Solbin is the owner of the hotdog shop. Solbin had created his own recipe and for me, his is the best hotdog in Seoul.

Although Seoul is the capital of Korea where lots of foreigners coming to the town, most burgers or hotdogs has been modified to be Koreanish. It’s difficult to find a good hotdog in Seoul. But Solbin‘s succeeded.

Solbin‘s hotdog business started off by selling hotdogs in a cart 2 years ago in Apgujeong Rodeo Street. But slowly, his cart was upgraded into a small shop. It was a bit tricky to find his shop and I was lucky to spot it by accident at one corner of the Rodeo Street alley. But nevertheless, his stall is very eye-catching, fiery-red painted and decorated with light-bulbs.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

Solbin's eye-catching stall

Solbin’s eye-catching stall

Despite of its location at Korea’s luxury fashion street, don’t expect you will sit down on a fancy restaurant or cafe. What is more surprising is that his hotdogs are popular amongst celebrities. He even claimed that he is a close friends with some. Well, the stall proves it… Signatures from many celebrities were up on his walls. I even spotted Super Junior-M Henry‘s signature and polaroid.


Solbin is very friendly and generous to his guests, Koreans or other nationalities. His English might be limited, but he will try his best to converse with the basics. His most special menu is the bacon wrapped dogs with Korean style coleslaw, chilli sauce, ketchup, creamy cheese, and chopped onions. Very tasty and flavourful!


Solbin, posing with his hotdog. Notice the celebrities’ signatures on the wall…

Bacon wrapped dog with generous cheese, chopped onions and chilli

Since Apgujeong has a lot of fancy bars and drinking pubs, hotdog is a good fast food option for late night snacking. That’s why Solbin gets his recognition from his regular customers. He opens in the evening to provide late night snacks for drinking masses. So don’t bother to go in the afternoon.

Whenever you are in Apgujeong or Rodeo Street, don’t miss your chance to try out this freaking good Solbin’s Superdog!


Facebook: Solbin’s Superdog FB or

Always having Korean style meal, I craved very badly for pasta or pizza.

So I did a research for a good pasta around Sinchon, Hongdae or Ehwa because they are located  nearby my studio. Then I come to know Ilmelio Appetito or in korean “일 멜리오 아뻬띠또” , a pasta house at Ehwa Woman University street or Idae 이대. Many have posted the food picture on Instagram and they look so mouthwatering. So I drag my friend with me last Saturday to give it a try on this pasta house.

To my surprise, after finding on the map, actually I’ve passed by the building where the pasta house located at many times, and most probably the signage which they placed on the street too!

Sign board that I've missed a lot of times

Sign board that I’ve missed a lot of times

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor, to enter the building, you have to walk to the small alley. You can take the lift or stairs and you will see the restaurant entrance. The restaurant is quite small, but the interior is modern and cozy. After ordering, they will serve you a glass of water and a free salad.





They have varieties for pizza and pasta. But their speciality is Duo Mo Santa Maria Del Piore” or in korean “두오모산타마리아델피오레”. It is a cream sauce spaghetti served on top of a thick bread. Damn delicious!!!

We ordered a pizza too and the waitress recommended “Piazza Spagna” or in korean “피아짜스파”, thin-sliced pizza with cheese and potato.

Free fresh salad

Free fresh salad


The BEST “Duo Mo Santa Maria Del Piore 두오모산타마리아델피오레”


“Piazza Spagna 피아짜스파”

The salad is fresh, with caesar dressing with a hint of sesame taste. The food are very delicious. I love how creative they are to serve the cream pasta with a thick toast bread. The pizza is very unique too, because they put potato, not mushroom, capsicum, onion, or anything that usually topped on pizzas. The sauce is not tomato based, but cream and sweet mustard, such a good combination.

I’m really happy to be able to eat a good and delicious pasta, that can satisfied my craving. I will definitely go back to this place again before I go back to Singapore. I can’t wait to try their other pasta and pizza! Il Meglio Appetito, see you soon (again)!

How to go there:

Take subway to Ehwa Woman University Station, exit #2 . Go straight towards the entrance of Ehwa Woman University. You will see Dunkin Donuts. Turn left and walk until you see Top Ten/Kosney building. Il Meglio Appetito is the building right next to Top Ten/Kosney, on the second floor. Usually they will display the board (on my picture).


Grill5Taco is a LA-influenced Korean-Mexican fusion that is booming in Seoul with their outlet at Hongdae and Garusogil. Their special menu are Kimchi Quesadillas and Seoul Fries.

The outlet that I went to was the one at Cheongdam-dong, which was newly opened by Super Junior Donghae. I was not purposely to go there to wait for him, but since the restaurant is not too complicated to go to, why don’t we go there to have dinner too?

Walking out from Apgujeong Rodeo subway, I noticed a few girls walking towards the same direction as us. As expected, they were looking for Donghae’s Grill5Taco too 🙂

Although it was not complicated to find, we had to walk about 10-15 minutes until we reach the place. There were a lot of people there and most of them were fans who were waiting for Donghae to come. The Super Junior member pays a visit quite often, sometimes with other members too.



Although most tables were take, but there were still some seats for us. Hungry, we quickly order our food at the counter. I had been waiting to try their Kimchi Quesadillas and Seoul Fries. We also  We also ordered cheese fries and bacon cheese quesadillas and short ribs burrito.


Their Seoul fries smothered in kimchi, bulgogi, salsa, and cheddar. It was really good! But the portion is really filling for one. Maybe next time I came here alone, I will either order only quesadillas or fries. It is quite pricey too. Their kimchi quesadillas is another good stuff too. With chicken and melted cheese inside and topped with kimchi mayonnaise sauce, creates a special taste.

My friend ordered the short rib burrito. But I’m not a fan of burrito, and the beef, rice and sweet sauce wrapped together, did not go well for me.


Cheese fries


Seoul Fries


Kimchi Quesadilla

Overall, my dining experience here although it was not our day to see Donghae 오빠, Grill5Taco has made into my list if I’m craving for Mexican food. They lean more toward the Korean flavours, however they pull it off well. It’s different and worth a try.

How to go there:

– Take subway to Apgujeong Rodeo Street (Bundang 분당 / Yellow Line) and take exit #4. Go straight and keep walking. Turn left at the second big intersection (Burger King corner). After a few shops, you will see Grill5Taco on your left.

-Address: Cheongdam-dong 88-10 beonji Bo building, 1st Floor (서울 강남구 청담동 88-10번지 보빌딩1층)

School Food is popular among the locals who like to snack after school. The restaurant is situated at the basement of NOON SQUARE, next to ZARA. They serve korean snacks such as ddeokbokki, kimbab, etc.

When we were waiting to be seated, we flipped through the menu. They have a lot variety of kimbab and ddeokbokki. But since my Korean friend comes here quite often, she knows what are good, we asked her to decide what to order.

While waiting for our seat

Carbonara Ddeokbokki

A must-try ddeokbokki with carbonara sauce which is the most popular dish here! This is a nice one!
I don’t know that rice cake goes well with carbonara sauce. I will recommend this for sharing because the cream sauce is thick and very filling. Now I’m drooling and craving for it while posting the picture… >.<

Normal Ddeokbokki

This one is super duper spicy. Couldn’t even finish the portion although 4 of us sharing. I’m good in spicy food, but I will raise a white flag up for this one.

One of the most popular food here besides the Carbonara Ddeokbokki is Dwenjang-sauce Ddeokbokki. The rice cake is served in black bean sauce. For me it tastes alright, but not my favorite though.

Dwenjang sauce ddeokbokki

If it was not because it was spicy, this would be my second fav food here. Cheese always makes food better, right?

Spam Mari 2 스팸마리2 (top) & Special Mari 3 스페셜마리3 (bottom)

Various kind of Kimbab. I can’t remember what are the ingredients, but I know there were tuna, cheese, egg, spam, bulgogi (beef) and kimchi in the kimbab. All tasted good! My most favourite is the spam mari 2 which is rice rolls stuffed with spam meat, cheese and mayo, wrapped with seaweed and egg. Taste really yummy!!

I guess we ordered quite a lot as we want to try their special menus. We had a delicious brunch in our first day in Seoul 🙂

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