Shake that dosirak!

miss0Do you know what is dosirak? In Korea, dosirak is a lunch box meal, something that Korean children take to school some decades ago.

One famous dosirak cafe is Miss Lee Cafe. The cafe is actually where Yong Hwa and Seohyun couple from e ‘We Got Married’ Korean reality TV programme, shot one of their lunch dates. There are a Myeongdong and Insadong outlets, and I visited the outlet in Insadong.

The cafe is situated just at the gate of the art streetnear the Anguk subway station. The cafe is located on the second floor in the shophouse on the corner. Upon entering the cafe, you will be welcomed by some photos of celebrity visits here.


It is a special café which serves very delicious lunch box Kimchi rice. Inside the dosirak, there are kimchi, rice, egg, spam and seaweed. The proper way to eat dosirak is to mix all the ingredients together by shaking it. It’s really fun! Just close the lid tightly and shake the box well so when the lid opened the kimchi mixed with the rice. The ingredients maybe simple, but it’s flavourful and very Korean.

The cafe also serves traditional Korean sweets made of sugar, rice, nuts and perilla seeds. Taste similar like Indonesian snacks “kue manco” so I love it!



Shake that Dosirak!

The cafe is filled with notes and most of the notes are hang on the tree in the centre of the room. Visitors can leave a note and hang it there as a remembrance.


To be honest, the price for a simple dosirak menu is a pretty pricey. But the cafe left us a fun experience. So if you are a first timer coming to Korea and want to experience eating Korean lunch box, you have to come to this cafe. Ready and shake that dosirak!


How to go there:

Take subway to Anguk Station (Line 3, orange line) and take exit #6. From the exit, walk straight and you will reach Insadong main gate. You will see a convenience store GS25. The cafe is on the 2nd level.

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