Fried Chicken


I’ve tried a few brand names of fried chicken here then I heard about Han Chu 한추. Han Chu has been famous for its fried chicken and fried stuffed peppers. So, it’s time to give it a try.

Located at Garusogil Street, Sinsa-dong, it is not difficult to find the restaurant. Though it is located in the high-end fashion street, don’t expect the restaurant to have an amazing interior or service. But it is spacious and always crowded in dinner time.


Besides fried chicken, they have other dishes too. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Korean hangul words, the menu is written in english too.

hancu3I wanted to try their fried stuffed green peppers too, but it will be too much since there are only two of us. Please note that one serving of fried chicken in Korea is enough for two (for girls) unless you are really hungry (I ever over-ordered before, two sets of fried chicken (spicy and original) and I think my face turning into a chicken >.< ).

We decided to order their regular fried chicken. They were served in minutes, faster than expected. The chicken looked different with other brand names that I tried before, somehow reminded me of Indonesina regular fried chicken haha… Han Chu fried chicken is lightly battered, but still crispy outside and tender inside.


Those who cannot take even a little bit of spiciness, maybe you should not try their fried chicken. I think they put chopped green pepper on the chicken batter. But, they definitely has their own special marinate that distinctive and addictive.

Fried chicken lovers, don’t miss Han Chu 한추 and you should give it try!

How to get there:

– Take subway to Sinsa (line 3, orange) and exit #8. Go straight from the exit. You will see Nature Republic, Tours le Jours and Caffe Bene on your left. Keep walking until you see Missha and take a left turn. The whole street is Garusogil. Walk straight towards the end of the street, but take a right turn to the small street, right after you see Forever 21 building. You will find Han Chu on the left side of that small street.

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