Time to explore HONGDAE (홍대) again!

I’ve been exploring this place so many times, but always find new and fun things here!

Today I went to MUSTOY cafe. Maybe most people especially the locals, have heard about this place before. Here, we can draw our own toy! Actually, we went here because my friend wanted to make birthday present for one of our friends who is coming to Seoul next week. It is a very sweet of her to give this handmade toy! I always think handmade presents are very special, sweet and one of a kind, and I would like to receive one of this cute little toy too 🙂

The place is located at one little corner very close to Hongik University  (I will tell you how to go here very soon). Since we are familiar with the streets, it took only minutes to reach the cafe. Here is how the place look like.

Mustoy front

Big Mustoy doll will welcome you!


When we went, there are a lot of people, most of them are couples. Luckily there were still seats for us. The shops are decorated with various designed Mustoy, from superheroes, abstract, people’s faces, cartoons, etc. Some of the toy even wears accessories. So cute! 




There are a few options that we can choose:

  1. Set 1: Design the Mustoy and leave it there + a drink (coffee or orange juice) – 10,000 won
  2. Set 2: Design the Mustoy and bring it home + a drink (coffee or orange juice) – 15,000 won
  3. Set 3: Buy the set of Mustoy and design it at home – 30,000 won

We were given a choice to choose a boy (남자) or girl (여자) Mustoy. Then a plain Mustoy, a preparation card, pencil, sets of markers, alcohol (to erase the marker), tissues and cotton buds will be given to us. Not to forget drinks that we order…

The first step is to draw your Mustoy design on the preparation card before drawing on the actual toy. Not to worry, the alcohol will always be there to clean off the “unplanned” strokes.


musttoyIt was really fun! After so much effort, the satisfaction to see the outcome really satisfying. I don’t mind coming here again to design another one. Maybe with my boyfriend one day, haha… Personally, I think it will be fun come here with boyfriend/girlfriend, draw each other faces and put them in your room.

So are you interested to try? Good luck and have fun!

How to go here:

Hongik University Station, exit 9. Turn left after exiting the subway station; go straight to the Aritaum shop and take a right turn to street. Keep walking straight towards the going uphill street. If you see Piano Cafe on the small alley on the left, means you are going to the right direction. Keep join straight up the hill, passing CU convenience store and Chatime bubble tea shop. Soon before the street ends you will see the cafe on your right side. You won’t miss the big figure of MUSTOY in front of the cafe entrance.

Opening time : 11.30am ~ 9.30pm

Address : Kaliope B/D 105 344-6, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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