Chloris Cafe – Hongdae

There are a lot of cafes with good coffee and desserts in Seoul. Chloris Cafe is one of cafes that serves good tea for tea time session.


They are famous for their Milk Tea Snow Blossom. The outlet that I went to is in Hongdae. Since it is located nearby Hongik University, there are always be students studying here. The cafe is decorated with Victorian style chairs and couches and British tea sets, giving the vintage but yet classy ambience.

The Snow Blossoms came in a big size, good for sharing. Milk tea lovers are gonna love this. Topped with a scoop of milk tea ice cream, the snowy ice itself is made of milk tea. The taste of the milk tea snowy ice melt in your mouth, yummy!

Snow blossom Bingsu

Milk Tea Snow blossom


Royal milk tea

If you are not in the mood of eating something cold, try their Royal Milk Tea. Best served when it is warm, not too sweet too.

How to get there:

– Take subway to Hongik University (line 2, green line), exit #9 and walk straight until reach the big intersection. Cross the traffic light and walk to your left. Keep walking, passing by Holika Holika, Tony Moly, until you reach Giordano. The cafe is right next to Giordano, on the second floor.

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