Solbin’s Superdog

It’s not a cartoon or a super heroes name. The SuperDog here stands for hotdog. And Solbin is the owner of the hotdog shop. Solbin had created his own recipe and for me, his is the best hotdog in Seoul.

Although Seoul is the capital of Korea where lots of foreigners coming to the town, most burgers or hotdogs has been modified to be Koreanish. It’s difficult to find a good hotdog in Seoul. But Solbin‘s succeeded.

Solbin‘s hotdog business started off by selling hotdogs in a cart 2 years ago in Apgujeong Rodeo Street. But slowly, his cart was upgraded into a small shop. It was a bit tricky to find his shop and I was lucky to spot it by accident at one corner of the Rodeo Street alley. But nevertheless, his stall is very eye-catching, fiery-red painted and decorated with light-bulbs.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

Solbin's eye-catching stall

Solbin’s eye-catching stall

Despite of its location at Korea’s luxury fashion street, don’t expect you will sit down on a fancy restaurant or cafe. What is more surprising is that his hotdogs are popular amongst celebrities. He even claimed that he is a close friends with some. Well, the stall proves it… Signatures from many celebrities were up on his walls. I even spotted Super Junior-M Henry‘s signature and polaroid.


Solbin is very friendly and generous to his guests, Koreans or other nationalities. His English might be limited, but he will try his best to converse with the basics. His most special menu is the bacon wrapped dogs with Korean style coleslaw, chilli sauce, ketchup, creamy cheese, and chopped onions. Very tasty and flavourful!


Solbin, posing with his hotdog. Notice the celebrities’ signatures on the wall…

Bacon wrapped dog with generous cheese, chopped onions and chilli

Since Apgujeong has a lot of fancy bars and drinking pubs, hotdog is a good fast food option for late night snacking. That’s why Solbin gets his recognition from his regular customers. He opens in the evening to provide late night snacks for drinking masses. So don’t bother to go in the afternoon.

Whenever you are in Apgujeong or Rodeo Street, don’t miss your chance to try out this freaking good Solbin’s Superdog!


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