Early in the morning, we quickly woke up and got ready for our journey to Wiltshire. We took a bus from Bath Spa Train Station which took us directly to the Stonehenge.

There were a lot of tourists too in the bus who wanted to see The Stonehenge. So we went to the station earlier and Q-ed for the seats. The journey itself took more than 1 hour so we just continued our good night sleep there.

Finally we saw The Stonehenge from our bus. We couldn’t wait for the bus to stop. There were not many buildings in surrounded the prehistoric monument, only green field. Maybe to build buildings was banned to preserve the monument. Since we were at the open area, the cold wind blew even stronger. So we queued to go around the large standing stones together with the crowd. Stonehenge was mainly giant stones (obviously)… But according to the legend, Merlin built the monument in honor of the people who fought to defend the country. To carried the stones from Ireland to Wiltshire, he cast a spell to make the rocks as light as pebbles and transported across the water. Well, who knows?

The tour was quite short, because we could only walked around the stones. Barriers were put surrounded the stones and visitors could not enter any closer than 10-15 meters away. After that we warmed ourselves in the souvenir shops while waiting for our bus to fetch us.

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