Nottingham The Robin Hood’s Land

Since Loughborough was a University Town, there were not much entertainments there. Therefore when we were bored and had the urge to shop, going to Nottingham was a good choice. The town was named ‘Robin Hood’s Land’ where the legend was originated.

Compared to Leicester, Nottingham was closer to Loughborough. Therefore the town became the place for short get-away for the students. We were lucky it is nearby because Nottingham is third good shopping destination behind London and Birmingham.

There where a few places for shoppers like me 😛
Of course don’t expect it would be like Oxford Street in London. There were a few shopping places such as Victoria Centre, Hockley, and The Old Market Square where Primarks, Debenhams, Argos, BHS or Dorothy Perkins located. Not to forget it was the home of Paul Smith flagship fashion store.

We had a great time shopping and went back to Loughborough with the last bus!

During my study trip in Loughborough, we did not only stay at the town. We explored the nearest cities such as Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

In weekends, when we did not have any classes to attend, we took the East Midlands Trains, the train service from Loughborough to Nottingham. Nottingham, famed of its Robin Hood legend, was my favorite town for a quick get-away in the weekends. Since the town was bigger than Loughborough, we always do shopping and entertainment there.

Our first time in Nottingham was when the town was having a fair, called Goose Fair. It was held every year. So wondering how it would look like, we went for experience.

We took the earliest train from Loughborough train station. Loughborough train station was about 15 minutes bus ride from our college dorm so it was quite convenient. After we reached the train station which was also the last stop for the buses, we purchased our tickets and went in to the waiting room.

Our train tickets

Besides train there was bus service too. But I heard now they have a new bus service between Nottingham and Loughborough University. The Premiere service takes 45 minutes from Nottingham Broadmarsh to the University.

Reached Nottingham, we took the trem and stopped in front of the Goose Fair itself. Although the name is ‘Goose’ Fair, that did not mean that it is about gooses, ducks or swans. There were 500 attractions, such as family rides, waltzers, carousels and Hook-a-Duck.


There were carts and caravans selling candy floss and brandy snaps or we could try the traditional Goose Fair food such as mushy peas and mint sauce, Chinese noodles, Indian kebabs, Spanish churros, paella and French crepes. I did try their hotdog and caramel apple candy which is so sweet…

Don’t worry of getting starve there

Most of the rides were for children. We only rode the mini roller-coaster and it was not scary at all. But, because of it was fall season, everyone of us shivered because the cold wind hit our face.

The day was getting darker. So we stopped playing and continue our journey to the town central which I will post next : “Shop at Robin Hood’s Land in the Heart of England

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