London I’m in Love

My main destination was actually Harrods, located at the Knightbridge. But since it was nearby Hyde Park, one of the largest Royal Park in London, we decided to stop by before Harrods.

The park was huge… By the time I entered the park, I couldn’t help but to feel relaxed. Most of the visitors who came here, they would took out their books, music player while sitting down on the benches or on the grass field. Some of them, rode their bicycles exploring the park.

Since it was fall season, leaves are turning yellow and lots of fallen leaves on the ground. There was a small cafe ‘Serpentine Bar & Kitchen‘ at the bank of the lake ‘The Serpentine‘ too.

Hi little squirrel

Love birds

We did not explore the whole park because we still had to continue our journey.

Harrods was only at the corner and a walking distance from the park. The upmarket department store located in Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. As expected, the things sold in Harrods were branded and luxurious. Several of its departments, including the seasonal Christmas department and the Food Hall, are world famous.

How to go to:
1.Hyde Park
Since the park is big, there are a few tube station nearby. We can take ‘Hyde Park Corner‘ station, ‘Marble Arch‘ station, ‘Lancaster Gate‘ station or ‘Knightbridge‘ station. But for my route, I stopped at the ‘Hyde Park Corner’ station first then walked to Knightbridge where Harrods located at.

Take tube to the nearest station: ‘Knightsbridge‘ and walk along the Brompton Road. Then you will see ‘HARRODS’.

After a few weeks staying in UK, we started to crave for Chinese food. We keep eating English-style and Western food for days.

So we went to Chinatown in London, to get some Chinese food and snacks too. The ‘town’ was situated in the central of London so it was not difficult to find the place.

As expected, the Chinese feel was strongly shown. A big and tall red gate in Chinese style welcomed us. There were a lot of lantern hung although it was not Chinese New Year.

Most of Chinese restaurants was crowded so we could not decide which was the good one. So we got into one of the restaurant that served fried rice, hokkian mee, etc.

Hungry, each of us ordered one serving plate. I, myself, who always could not finish one whole plate, too. And surprisingly, I could finish my hokkian mee. The taste was nothing compared to Singapore’s, but we had been craving for Chinese food, so everything was nice.

That was the best Chinese food we ate in London!

We are going to the Palace today !

I was so excited to see Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence. Ever watched Princess’ Diaries, I had imagined how the life in the palace would be like. Well, I knew both were different palace, but it was similar in its royal culture.

As expected, the palace was very big. I think I might get lost inside. The London soldiers were at every corner of the palace. These soldiers were trained to focus on their duties and could not get distracted by the presence of the visitors. Too bad that they were not posted at the gate, so I could not take any clear pictures of them.

Spot the icon of London : the vintage London Bus 🙂

If there is Singapore Flyer in Singapore, there is London Eye in London.

There are quite a number of attractions situated on the banks of the River Thames in London. This giant ferris wheel is one of them.

By taking the ferris wheel, I could see the whole London. We need to Q before and there were a lot of visitors waiting on the Q. We waited for 20 mins before our turn. But it was worth the Q. The view from the top was beautiful.

From the London Eye, we could easily spot our next stop; The Big Ben.

Since Big Ben just nearby, we went to the giant tower by foot. Walking from the London Eye, along the bridge, you will easily find out the way to the Big Ben. We stopped for a while to take our shots with the Big Ben on our background just like this little fellow 🙂

‘London’s Next Top Bird Model’

As we walking along the bridge, we spotted interesting man standing and playing a music instrument. A man wearing Scotland traditional costume with a bag pipe !! So random haha… I was not sure if he was a Scottish, but he played the bag pipe very well. A very interesting way to gain money and it was good for me too since time limit me from visiting Scotland 😦

We did not get into the Big Ben because of limited time. So only saw the House of Parliament from outside the gate. Maybe next time…

Getting to:
1. London Eye
Take the tube to the nearest station; Waterloo. It is about five minutes walking distance. Exit the station following signs for the South Bank.

2. Big Ben
The nearest tube to Big Ben is Westminster which is only the opposite of it.

You can take either tube stations depends of which place you want to visit first. For me, I went from London Eye followed by Big Ben.

After checking into our hostel, we started our London trip from visiting the top arts museum. Since we are design student, visiting the museums are a must. London offers great collection or art and provides great inspiration for artists and designers.

The first museum we visited was TATE Modern. It has the United Kingdom’s national collection of British Art, and International Modern and Contemporary Art. The building is not that big, but their collections are complex and a lot of kind, compared to Singapore museums.

After TATE Modern, we head on to the Design Museum, on the River Thames. The museum offers inspirations about fashion, architecture, furniture, graphic, product, transport and digital design. After being inspired, we visited the Design Museum Shop and shop for unique gifts and stocks a selection of ceramics, jewellery, books and prints.

In front of the British Museum

One of the biggest museums we went was British Museum, the house of collection of world art and artefacts. I think the visit to this museum gave the most memorable experience for me. Or is it because their collections really wows me? I guess because I feel that everything that I read in history books come alive and I can see with my own eyes.

Interior of the British Museum with beautiful ceilings made of glass and steel

Another big museum we visited was The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A). The museum offers a great collections of arts from 11 periods of arts, starts from Art Deco to Surrealism. It’s really worth to go if you like to explore about art styles.

Visiting museums in London was a great and unforgettable experience. They ‘wow’ me with their great and various collection of arts. Designers can get inspired and get a great learning about the history and how to express and apply arts and design in aspects of life.

How to go to:
1. TATE Modern
Take tube to Southwark (Jubilee Line, 600 metres approx.). You can check the map too from

2. Design Museum
Take tube to Tower Hill (District + Circle lines). Cross the river on Tower Bridge, and use the stone stairways built in to the bridge on the south side to get down to the cobbled street, Shad Thames. Continue south on Shad Thames, away from City Hall, past Starbucks Coffee, Pizza Express and Woman at Man & Boy hairdressing, and you will reach the museum, a white building on Shad

3. British Museum
Take tube to the nearest underground stations:
Tottenham Court Road (500m) / Holborn (500m). You can google the map how to get there :

4. V&A Museum
Take tube to South Kensington underground station (on the Piccadilly, Circle and District Line), the museum is a five minute walk from the underground station.

Hello London!

I was supposed to write about London first before my Paris and Rome trip. However, to choose my best pictures in London took a longer time. I spent my trip in London and other cities in UK the most compared to Europe.

My very first stop in my Europe trip was London. We purposely stopped at London a few days before I started my study trip program in Loughborough. Yup, my trip to Europe is not for holiday purpose only, but mainly for study program in my university.

As recommended by my lecturer, we stayed at a hostel. My lecturer has a (picky) personality, so I did not have to worry about the hostel that he chose, and he travels to London soooo often.

Our stays at ACE Hostel is a good one. The rooms are clean and quiet, conveniently situated at the central London, it is very near to the West Kensington Underground Station. The staffs are friendly and helpful. They do serve breakfast too.

The housing complex where ACE Hostel located. See this cute yellow van?

Now we are ready to explore London…. My next post will be about Museum Tour 🙂

Let’s go!
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