When we went to Leicester, there was another food fair held at Leicester Market Street. To reach the Market Street, we took about 10-15 minutes from the train station. Finally we reached the gate 🙂

There were local food and unique food that made me drool. They looked delicious! Not only tummy-filling food, but also candies and sweets. They look colorful and tempted the visitor to get some. Not only food and snacks, they also sold unique crafts such as the Russian dolls.

Walking further, I encountered this sign board which stunned me. It really wondered me how it would taste!

Which meat would you like to have?

The Cathedral Church of St Martin was nearby, so we made an effort to walk a little bit further and visit the church. The interior was magnificent with Gothic style architecture.

Since we has to catch the last train back to Loughborough, we went back straight after visiting the church. I gained another experience again 🙂

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