Rhein Falls

As the States has its Niagara Falls, Europe has its Rhein Falls. Although the size is not as magnificent as Niagara Falls, the Rhine Falls is the largest and the nicest waterfalls in Europe, located near Zurich, the capital of Switzerland.rhein3

Yes, Switzerland offers more than its Alps. Rhine Falls, with its 50 meters in width, a height of 23 meters, and its gushing water flowing rapidly over the cliff each second, it offers the visitors a stunning view of the cascading waterfalls.


You can take a boat ride right up to the waterfall and if you want to you can even climb the steps in the centre of the waterfalls to look down from the top. We are able to view the waterfall from different positions: Schloss Laufen, Middle Island, and Schlossli Worth. I viewed from the Schloss Worth Castle where we can relax, order drinks and enjoy the view from a cafe/restaurant inside the castle.


Schloss Worth Castle

The Rhein Falls located just 40 minutes from Zurich, makes the beauty is very accessible by car, bicycle and public transport. From the local bus station, it is only 10-15 minutes walk, or another option is to take trains. Alternatively you can take the route from Schaffhausen by boarding on the City Train (runs from April to October) or get on the bus from the Schaffhuasen main station.

Opening Hours: Daily


Admission: North bank – free admission ;  South bank (including Laufen Castle) – 5 CHF (regular), 3 CHF/person (group more than 20)

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