A Day in Venice

My trip too Venice was a last minute and sudden plan. Since we were at Rome and it was only 4 hour train ride, we went to Venice for a day trip. So we bought our ticket in the train station the day before our departure to Venice.

We took the first train for Venice at 6:50AM. Lucky the guesthouse we stayed in was nearby to the train station. It was only 3-5 minutes walk. So we were on-time for the train.

About 10.50AM, we reached Santa Lucia train station at Venice. The city amazed me. It is so beautiful despite of being surrounded by water. I would say Venice is more beautiful than Rome.

This is the view outside the train station. Beautiful right?

We walked around the city and saw Italian food again. As expected, our lunch was pasta again. There were a lot of gelato ice cream shop. Tempted, we bought a cup. Of course, the original always tastes better 🙂

To get to Piazza San Marco, we took the water taxi.

At Piazza San Marco, we went to St Mark’s basilica and Doge’s Palace. Not to forget, we experienced hopping on a gondola rides with a handsome and young gondola man.

Although it was quite tiring because we had to head back to Rome with the last train, but it was a memorable trip.

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