Eiffle I’m in Love

Visiting Paris would not be complete without visiting this city icon, Eiffel Tower. In the morning, after having our breakfast with baguette and coffee in our hostel, we head on to the famous tower. The journey took about 25 minutes.

As usual we took metro and stop at the nearest station to the tower: Champ de Mars / Tour Eiffel and walk a bit. We did not go up, I forgot what was the reason for not doing so (my trip was in 2009), but I’m kind of regret for not doing so.

If you stand directly below the tower, you won’t be able to get a full shot of the whole tower. So we walked towards the opposite side of the tower and took our best pictures there.

Since I took pictures of Eiffel from my Seine River Cruise tour at night, I got both day and night view.

Eiffel, in day and night view

In the evening, we went to Galeries Lafayette. But it was closed! What a pity! We did not know that the gallery closed very early. So we only managed to walk around the gallery, looking at the Christmas decoration. Although it was only early November, they had set up the Christmas decoration.

It was a cold night, so we decided to go back to the hostel. See what I saw on our way back. The weather was colder than yesterday, even the doves were shivering too.

How to go Eiffel Tower:
Take train and stop at Champ de Mars / Tour Eiffel metro station.

How to go Eiffel Tower:
Take train and stop at Opéra metro station.
Opening hours: 09.30 – 19.30

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