Disneyland Paris

Time to hit Disneyland in Paris… I’ve been to Japan and Hongkong ones, so I was excited to see Paris one. They say Hongkong one so far is the smallest, and although it’s not as big as Japan’s, Paris one still bigger than Hongkong.

We woke and got ready earlier than other days because we wanted to reach the theme park as early as possible. The journey took more than 45 minutes because the theme park located quite a distance from the city.

Initially we wanted to kill time by sleeping in the train, but we were too excited so ended up couldn’t sleep. Finally we reached!

So we got off the train and walked to the gate. Here we are, at the entrance of the wonderland 🙂

When we reached, the parade was just about to start. So we waited and saw a cute little train, with Disney characters on it. They are so cute… There was Pinocchio too!

After the parade, we took picture of the Sleeping Beauty Castle and started to explore the park. We tried most of the rides, including the thrill and adventure ones such as Space Mountain Mission 2, Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain. If you are into thrill and adrenaline-rushed rides, I would recommend Space Mountain Mission 2. The roller-coaster is better and faster compared to the Hongkong one.

Our lunch was Mickey Mouse Burger, in the shape of Mickey’s head. Of course, I would say McDonald’s or Burger King is better.

The weather was getting colder as the day turned darker. So we went into the souvenirs shops to buy souvenirs and warmed ourselves while waiting for the fireworks and the last parade to start.

So my advice, please bring thick jacket, winter hats and gloves if you are going to any outdoor theme parks. You won’t wish to ride those outdoor fast-speed rides with the cold wind blowing to your face, right?

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