Strolling around Champs-Élysées 1

Going shopping in Paris? Of course, Champs-Élysées is the place.

Champs-Élysées is similar to Orchard Road, the whole stretch of shopping places, cinemas, cafes, luxuries brands are here.

Some French monuments are also on the street, including the Arc de Triomphe which can be seen clearly.

We started exploring the street from the west, where Arc De Triomphe located. There were a lot of people, whether they are locals or tourists. Some of my friends were excited to spend their money on luxuries shops like LV or Chanel. Some of them were excited to try the famous macaroons ‘Laduree‘.

Louis Vuitton owns one big building by itself and since it is one of the most famous brand originated from Paris, many tourists visit the shop. The price of these branded items are cheaper too compared to other countries.

Louis Vuitton building

Not to forget, we went to ‘Laduree‘, French pattiseries, famous for their macaroons (I made a post about their macaroons : )

Ladurée, the creator of double-decker macaron, and best known makers of macarons in the world

Before going back, we did not forget to buy ‘I Love Paris‘ tee 🙂

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