Seopjikoji 섭지코지

Seopjikoji is one of the listed place is on my Jeju tour visit. It is located at the end of the eastern shore of Jeju Island. The place name was originated from the dialect of Jeju, “Seopji” means a narrow piece of land and “koji” for cape or peninsula.

It was famous as one of the shooting places for K-drama “All In” which starred the famous Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo. I did not watch the drama, but I pretty enjoyed the place. The church which was also the shooting location for the drama, destroyed by typhoon but then was reconstructed afterwards.

On the way up to Seopjikoji Hill

The church, where the “All In” K-drama shooting took place

The reconstructed church exhibits the sets and items from the drama. There are cinema hall showing the All In drama trailer, souvenir shops and a cafe. Unfortunately, the church was closed that day.

Although the weather on that day was sunny, the wind was cooling and breezy. From the car park towards the end of the shore, it takes about 10 minutes walk. You will reach the lighthouse where one can enjoy the whole entire shoreline of Seopjikoji.


Upon reaching the lighthouse, there is a green field where canola flower blooms every April, very pretty! The yellow flowers on green field creating a colourful contrast with the blue sky and sea. 


The place is really great for people who enjoy natural landscapes. You can enjoy a breeze walk while enjoying the sea shore of the island.

How to get here: 
From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus that runs on Il-ju Road to the east and get off at Seongsan-eup Goseong-ri (first bus 6:30 / last bus 20:30 / 20 min interval / 1 hour and 20 min ride). Then take a taxi for about 5-10 min.

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Admission : FREE

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