Picturesque Jeju Island

Jeju offers more places to visit than what I’ve expected. Another attraction that is famous as a tourist spot in Jeju is Miniature Park 제주미니랜드. The park displays the smaller replicas of famous buildings around the world.

I remember visited something similar to Miniature Park in Shenzhen.However when I visited Shenzhen’s was more than 5 years ago, so I don’t have much memory about it. So going to Miniature Park somehow help me to recall back the feeling. 

A few miniature buildings displayed here are the Forbidden City, Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower, Bulguksa Temple, Taj Mahal, Sydney’s Opera House, Borobudur and Statue of Liberty

London Bridge – UK

Borobudur – Indonesia

…and many more!

…and many more!

I amazed on the details of each miniature. No wonder it took 5 years to complete the park to be built. Walking around the park one would feel like giants going on a round-the-world adventure. That must be the reason in the entrance there is a statue of Gulliver.

Before stepping out from the park, we were directed to an indoor exhibition halls. Exhibition Hall 1 is about mirrors, where one can experience the tricks of magic mirrors. Whereas in Exhibition Hall 2, witty and humorous pop-artwork of Korean artists are exhibited mixed with sculptures of superheroes. 

mini5 mini6

Adult 9,000 KRW / Group 7,000 KRW
Youth (under 19 years old) 7,000 KRW / Group 3,500 KRW
Children (above 3 years old) 5,000 KRW / Group 3,000 KRW

Adult 7,000 KRW / Group 5,000 KRW
Youth (under 19 years old) 5,000 KRW / Group 3,000 KRW
Children (above 3 years old) 4,000 KRW / Group 2,500 KRW

Senior Citizen / Military 7,000 KRW / Group 5,000 KRW

Opening Hours:
December – March: 8.30AM – 5.30PM
April – June: 8.30AM – 6.00PM
July – August: 8.30AM – 7.30PM
September – November: 8.30AM – 6.00PM


teddy1From all places I visited in Jeju, this place excites my inner child most. Imagine the whole museum filled with cute plushies and adorable teddies! At least girls and children will love Teddy Bear Museum at Jeju. Sorry guys!

If you’ve been to Teddy Bear Museum at N Seoul Tower (it was closed recently, link here to Teddy Bear Museum N Seoul Tower), you’ll find this place is much larger. The museum exhibits various teddy bear from all countries with their historical origins.

The museum opened in 2001 and exhibits the changing face of teddy bear through over a century of development. The gallery is grouped into three sections: the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall.

What I found adorable here was those teddy bear dressed up as famous icons and celebrities. You’ll see the teddy bear versions of Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Charlie Caplin, and you mention it… There are replicas of famous paintings such as Monalisa, The Last Supper and Michelangelo’s The Creation too.


The museum was promoted in “Princess Hours 궁” K-drama. So there are teddy bears from the drama exhibits at the museum too. Find them familiar?

궁 Goong Teddy Bears

궁 Goong Teddy Bears

It took me less than 2 hours to tour around the museum. If you have time, you can visit Elvis Show where they play a short performance by Elvis Teddy Bear and shop for Elvis souvenirs. There are timings for the show.

After finish touring the museum, it’s time to shop for some souvenirs! The lowest level is the souvenir shops where we can buy teddy bear souvenirs. They have various teddy bear soft toys in different costumes, keychains, stationaries, etc..

From cherished childhood mementos to priceless collectables, you’re sure to fall in love with the furry inhabitants of this delightful museum. When visiting Jeju, this place is not to be missed by teddy bear lovers and parents with children. 



  • Adult 7,000 KRW / Group (more than 20 people) 5,000 KRW
  • Youth 6,000 KRW / Group (more than 20 people) 4,000 KRW
  • Child, senior and disabled visitors 5,000 KRW / Group (more than 20 people) 3,000 KRW
  • Free admission for children under 3 years old

Opening Hours: Tickets are available for sale until 19:00
Low season: 09:00 – 20:00
High season: July 18th to August 23rd 09:00 – 22:00

How to go there: 
Take an airport limousine No.600. Get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden in Jungmun sightseeing complex, then walk for 5 min. It is a 50 minutes ride.

Seopjikoji is one of the listed place is on my Jeju tour visit. It is located at the end of the eastern shore of Jeju Island. The place name was originated from the dialect of Jeju, “Seopji” means a narrow piece of land and “koji” for cape or peninsula.

It was famous as one of the shooting places for K-drama “All In” which starred the famous Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo. I did not watch the drama, but I pretty enjoyed the place. The church which was also the shooting location for the drama, destroyed by typhoon but then was reconstructed afterwards.

On the way up to Seopjikoji Hill

The church, where the “All In” K-drama shooting took place

The reconstructed church exhibits the sets and items from the drama. There are cinema hall showing the All In drama trailer, souvenir shops and a cafe. Unfortunately, the church was closed that day.

Although the weather on that day was sunny, the wind was cooling and breezy. From the car park towards the end of the shore, it takes about 10 minutes walk. You will reach the lighthouse where one can enjoy the whole entire shoreline of Seopjikoji.


Upon reaching the lighthouse, there is a green field where canola flower blooms every April, very pretty! The yellow flowers on green field creating a colourful contrast with the blue sky and sea. 


The place is really great for people who enjoy natural landscapes. You can enjoy a breeze walk while enjoying the sea shore of the island.

How to get here: 
From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus that runs on Il-ju Road to the east and get off at Seongsan-eup Goseong-ri (first bus 6:30 / last bus 20:30 / 20 min interval / 1 hour and 20 min ride). Then take a taxi for about 5-10 min.

Operating Hours: 24 hours

Admission : FREE

This year I had my chance to visit the cities outside Seoul, including the famous Jeju island. Different from Seoul, Jeju does not have subway system. Travelling by bus is possible, but may be complicated and time-consuming especially for the foreign travellers. This time I took a tour, so I collected the directions to go to these places from other sources.

After our arrival at Jeju Domestic Airport, we headed straight to the famous Yongduam Rock or ‘Dragon Head Rock’ (in Korean 용두암).

From the car park, it is a short walk to reach the rock. The rock is located on the seaside.  Upon entering, there is a explanation board. Apparently, it is believed that the dragon brings hope and luck, visitors can also make their wishes here.


dragon2 The name originated from the legend of the rock itself. The shape looks like a head of a dragon. The legend says that a dragon stole a jade ball from the God of Mt. Halla. When the God knew about it, he was very angry and cursed the dragon to turn into a stone. The body then fell into the sea.

The scenery here is breathtaking and we can enjoy a nice walk along the coast. Although I do not see the rock in the shape of a dragon head until I use more of my imagination.

dragon1dragon6Visitors can climb down further to the rocky seaside to take pictures. As for me, I did not do much here besides to see the rocky seaside and enjoying the breeze. On the different side of rock, you can see  a different view with Jeju buildings.


 How to go there:

  • By Bus: Take bus bound for Jeju-si Jungang-ro from Jeju International Airport, Take bus bound for jeju-si Jungang-ro. Get off at Yongdam Rotary. Walk toward the beach for 5-10 minutes.
  • By Taxi:  It takes 10min by taxi from Jeju International Airport.

Admission: Free

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Known as the Seongsan Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉, a UNESCO Heritage Site, this place is a must-go for those visiting Jeju Island. Many says that it is the ideal place to view the sunrise. It is located on the eastern of Jeju island and famous for its bowl-like crater at the top


I am not a morning person, nor a sunrise person. So coming here at 9AM in the morning, obviously there would be no sunrise. However the view was still breathtaking enough to amaze me. Being greedy wanting to see more, I climbed a little bit higher but had to stop until the staircase.

Together with us, there were other visitors and most of them are the students who come here for a school trip. I believe if I climbed up, I’ll be able to see the fantastic view of the crater.

The crater is about 600m in diameter and 90m high. It is formed about 5000 years ago by the hydrovolcanic eruption. Surrounded by 99 sharp rocks around the crater, Seongsan Ilchubong looks like a gigantic crown. 

Long way to go to the top


It is really unfortunate that I could not climb up till the end because of the limited time given by the tour leader. For me, even by not going up to see the crater and the sunrise, it is the most picturesque place in the island. As one of the brand new 7 Wonders of Nature, Seongsan Ichulbong made it to the top list of places that visitors must go in Jeju.


  • Individual 2,000KRW / Youth 1,000KRW / Children 1,000KRW
  • Group (over 10) 1,200KRW / Youth 600KRW / Children 600KRW

How to go there (according to :

  1. Take a direct bus at Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Seongsalliipgu bus stop. Travelling time is 2 hours.
  2. Take a direct bus from Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Seongsalliipgu bus stop. Travelling time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

At Seongsalliipgu bus stop, you will be able to see the peak. Just walk to the peak about 1km away.

Address: 284-12, Ilchul-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 성산읍 일출로 284-12

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