Yeouido Cherry Blossom festival

The beginning of spring in Korea is when the Cherry blossoms blooms. The beauty of the flowers together with refreshing breezes and warm sunlight bringing altogether a perfect picnic weather.

March to April are the months when the people in Korea celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossoms. Various festivals are held, most of them are flower festivals. In Seoul, the spring flower festival takes place annually at Yeouido.

Just behind the National Assembly Building, cherry trees will be in full bloom. Visitors can take a walk while enjoying the magnificent view of Han River under the cherry trees. The street will be closed during the festival period and there will be street cultural arts performances, a flower decoration exhibition, and a photo exhibition.

Blooming cherry trees along the street at Yeouido Park

Blooming cherry trees along the street at Yeouido Park

The whole scene shows the beauty of the street behind the National Assembly Building. The cherry trees seem covered by the cotton-like flowers. When it’s not fully bloomed, the cherry flowers are white in colour. But the colour will gradually turns to soft pink in a few days time.

Locals and tourists are crowding the street, busy taking pictures. Some of them are enjoying the performance or having their portrait drawn by the local artists. This is Yeouido’s Spring Flower Festival all about.

At the park, we looked for a good place to spread out our picnic mat. My sweet Korean friend prepared a lunch box or “dosirak 도시락” for us. She made an effort to wake up early to pack handmade kimbab, egg-rolls, nuggets and even fruits! And more surprisingly, she packed each of them nicely with ribbons and pandas…


언니, 이 도시락을 만들었어 고마워용!

Having a picnic under the cherry trees with dearest friends, having special handmade lunch while looking at the magnificent Han River, something that I will not forget for the rest of my life.

The only thing that disappointing was the wind is too strong. We have to struggle to keep our things safe and not fly away. We did not prepare for an extra jacket too that day, so we felt cold after some time.

Cherry blossoms are definitely worth planning a trip around. It was such a wonderful experience and I hope I will go back to celebrate spring festival again some day (and bring my jacket along) …

How to go there:

– Take subway to National Assembly Station (line 9, brown line), take exit #1 or #6. Just go straight from the station exits, walk towards the Han River. It is a 5 minutes walk.


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