School Food is definitely my most favourite restaurant in Seoul. This Korean fusion brand has more than 80 outlets across the county. School Food has been my addiction starting from my first visit (click here to read about my first visit to School Food).

In my first review, we ordered their Carbonara tteokbokki  까르보나라 떡뻑이. On my second visit, I tried their soy-carbonara ddeokbbeoki 쏘이 까르보나라 떡뻑이 and turned out it is more flavourful, sweet, with rich creamy sauce. It may be more spicy than carbonara, since they mix gochu 고추 (chilli pepper) in it. This is a must-to-order if you love spicy and cream sauce. For me, the dish has been my regular menu every visit.

school food3

Soy-carbonara Tteokbokki 쏘이 까르보나라 떡뻑이, a must-to-order

If you don’t like something creamy, you can opt for Cheese tteokbokki 치즈 떡뻑이. Similar to the original, School Food’s Cheese Tteokbokki is served in red chilli paste, but topped with mozzarella cheese. Spicy? Yes it is..

It may be looked similar to pasta dishes, but it tastes totally different with the red chilli paste sauce. The rice cakes are chewy and tender combined with melted mozzarella cheese, create a combination

school food4

Cheese Tteokbokki 치즈 떡뻑이

school food1

Prawn Mari 통새우마리

School Food‘s other specialities are their kimbab rolls. But the kimbab is not those you usually find on the food cart, it is a mini version of kimbab, more similar to sushi maki. Coming here a number of times, I have tried most of their makis : Bulgogi Mari 불고기(데리야끼)마리, Spam Mari 1 스팸마리1, Spam Mari 2 스팸마리2, Special Mari 1 스페셜마리1, Special Mari 3 스페셜마리3, and also Prawn Mari 통새우마리.

My favourite maki of all is spam mari 2 (rice rolls stuffed with spam meat, cheese and mayo, wrapped with seaweed and egg). My Korean friend taught me how to eat the maris, is to dip into the ddeokbbeoki sauce. Spam mari 2 and soy carbonara tteokbokki make the best combination of all…

school food2

Bulgogi Fried Rice 철판 쇠고기 볶음밥

How about their fried rice? I don’t find their fried rice is fantastic. The bulgogi fried rice is too oily and dry. Perhaps because the put too much seaweed or soy sauce, it looks like a burnt rice.

School Food is now not only open in US, but they have 2 outlets too in Jakarta, indonesia (Central Park and Lotte Kuningan Avenue). Although the taste is not as nice as Seoul’s ones but good enough to cure my school-food-sickness.



I’ve tried a few brand names of fried chicken here then I heard about Han Chu 한추. Han Chu has been famous for its fried chicken and fried stuffed peppers. So, it’s time to give it a try.

Located at Garusogil Street, Sinsa-dong, it is not difficult to find the restaurant. Though it is located in the high-end fashion street, don’t expect the restaurant to have an amazing interior or service. But it is spacious and always crowded in dinner time.


Besides fried chicken, they have other dishes too. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Korean hangul words, the menu is written in english too.

hancu3I wanted to try their fried stuffed green peppers too, but it will be too much since there are only two of us. Please note that one serving of fried chicken in Korea is enough for two (for girls) unless you are really hungry (I ever over-ordered before, two sets of fried chicken (spicy and original) and I think my face turning into a chicken >.< ).

We decided to order their regular fried chicken. They were served in minutes, faster than expected. The chicken looked different with other brand names that I tried before, somehow reminded me of Indonesina regular fried chicken haha… Han Chu fried chicken is lightly battered, but still crispy outside and tender inside.


Those who cannot take even a little bit of spiciness, maybe you should not try their fried chicken. I think they put chopped green pepper on the chicken batter. But, they definitely has their own special marinate that distinctive and addictive.

Fried chicken lovers, don’t miss Han Chu 한추 and you should give it try!

How to get there:

– Take subway to Sinsa (line 3, orange) and exit #8. Go straight from the exit. You will see Nature Republic, Tours le Jours and Caffe Bene on your left. Keep walking until you see Missha and take a left turn. The whole street is Garusogil. Walk straight towards the end of the street, but take a right turn to the small street, right after you see Forever 21 building. You will find Han Chu on the left side of that small street.

This is only for those chocolates lovers. For me, chocolate is always be a woman best friend. I always fail to resist anything chocolate, especially hot / iced chocolate drink. So this time when my friend asked me if I want to try the best hot chocolate in Seoul, I said YES!

One Chu is the cafe name. Located in the heart of Garusogil Sinsa-dong, one of the famous hang-out place in Seoul, it is a bit tricky to find the cafe. After get lost for a while and wandering around Garusogil, finally we manage to find it in one of the small corners.

The dim lights and its British Parisian interior style add on to the cafe coziness. Not like those typical cafe with closed enclosure, even in the summer, you still can feel the wind breeze.

One Chu, Garusogil

One Chu, Garusogil

You definitely have to try the hot chocolate, which is their specialty, and their churros. Their churros comes with small and large size. We ordered a large churros (KRW 5,000, 6 pieces of churros, enough for 2 people sharing), which comes with 2 dips. I’ve tried their jalapeño salsa, mayo (i forgot the name) spicy chocolate, vanilla bean and butter scotch caramel dip. I would recommend their chocolate and butter scotch caramel dip for those with sweet tooth, whereas for those who like savory dips, jalapeño salsa and the mayo will be a good pair.

Churros with chocolate and vanilla bean dip, and speciality hot chocolate

Churros with chocolate and vanilla bean dip, and speciality hot chocolate

Once I sip the hot chocolate (KRW 7,000), I know that I’m coming back here again. I really love the strong and deep chocolate taste. The hot chocolate have own special taste which could not be tasted in other hot chocolate drink.

One Chu is also special with its Sangria. I did not taste it, but my friend ordered the drink. It is a perfect drink to cool down the summer heat.


I’m sure I’m going to miss their churros and hot chocolate when I have leaved Seoul T.T

How to go there:

Take subway to Sinsa Station (Seoul subway line 3) and take exit 8 and go straight until you see Missha cosmetics shop on the left side. Turn left and walk on the right hand side until you reach People to People clothing store in the corner. Turn right to the small lane where A Mug for Rabbit Cafe or Youk Shim Won Gallery is. After about 50m, you will find a 3-intersections with Merial Music Academy. Turn left and you will be able to see One Chu on your right.

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