Namdaemun Market

I would say that women will love to shop here. For me, personally, if I were to find cheap and pretty accessories, this is the perfect place. Initially we came here just to see how Namdaemun looked like.

The weather was the coldest. It was raining even snowing! Yup, we did not expect it to snow because it was on April and by right, the winter season had changed to spring. Well, thanks to global warming so we had a chance to experience snow.

After shopping, our stomach growled. So we went into the a tent where there were rows of food stalls. We did not have chance to really go in because we were pulled by one ahjumma to her stall. Oh well, since we were hungry, we could eat anything.

These were our lunch:

Handmade Noodle that tasted like ban-mian


Just like shown in Korean movies/dramas, there are food-tent where people can sit down to eat or drink even after late hours. At night, after the shops are closed, Namdaemun street changed to rows of food tent. So we went into one and ordered our dinner. Although the weather outside was cold, it was warm inside due to the heater.

Food-tent at Namdaemun

Variety of food inside the food-tent

We ordered stir-fried noodles with vegetables / Japchae 잡채, Fish cake / Odeng 오뎅, dumpling / Mandu 만두. To warm ourselves, we ordered Korean rice wine / Makgeolli 막걸리.


How to go there:
Take train to Hoehyeon Station (Line 4) and take exit #5. The market is just outside the station.

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