Seoul Teddy Bear Museum

If you are heading to N Seoul Tower (used to be Namsan Tower), Teddy Bear Museum is one of a must-go attractions within the tower. The gallery is located at the basement level of the tower.


The Teddy Bear Museum is smaller and slightly different from Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island. The gallery at Namsan displays more of the history of Korea. Plushy teddy bears are used to tell the story of olden Korea and modern Korea.

The first hall is the Hall of Historical Seoul. You’ll be welcomed by a big teddy bear dressed in hanbok, representing Dangun, the founder of Korea. The teddy bears pose in the scenes recreating historic events and the daily life of the people in Joseon era. There are scenes of construction of the royal palaces, the activities in the old traditional Joseon market, even the scenes of royal wedding.

First half of the hall

First half of exhibition the hall, showing Korea in olden days

The modern Seoul

The modern Seoul

The second hall of the exhibition is about the modern Seoul. Famous streets in Seoul such as the biggest shopping places, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun to the art street of Insadong are exhibited here. Even there are teddy bears acting out the famous Cooking NANTA performance here…

The dioramas are actually moving and act out the scenes. Since the galleries are not huge, it take less than an hour to complete both. Souvenirs are available on the foyer deck, near the ticket booth. I bought a cute teddy bear plush wearing a woman’s hanbok (Korean traditional clothing).

If you are to include the museum and observatory deck in your itinerary, I suggest to buy the package ticket deal. The visit to Teddy Bear Museum is a good experience to learn the history of Korea in a fun and plushy way. It shows how Seoul has changed and developed over time from the olden to modern days.

How to go there: 

The museum is located within the N Seoul Tower. Read how to go to N Seoul Tower here

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