N Seoul Tower / Namsan Tower

The tower has been the symbol of Seoul since its opening day. The initial name ‘Namsan Tower‘ just recently changed to N Seoul Tower after it went through a make over (N stands for ‘new’ look). At the observatory deck of tower, visitors can see the city of Seoul in a bird’s eye view, dine on a revolving restaurant, see the Teddy Bear Museum, and of course locks-locking.

Myself, went here twice. Once at night time and once during the day time. Going here at night and during the day, each will give a different experience. Some says coming during the day is nicer than at night. I might not be helpful in suggesting which timing is better, but it’s best to check out both if you have time.


The tower is accessible by foot, bus, cable car and cars/taxis (only up to the cable car station). I took the most convenient method. I flagged a taxi from the nearest subway station, Myeongdong (this only costs about 3,000-4,000KRW), and hopped onto the cable car. Or if you love to hike, you can challenge your stamina and climb up the stairs. 

Cable Car Station

Cable Car Station

There is also the Pavilion, a cultural experience space with performances and exhibitions for adults and children. The scenery will keep changing every season. Seasons that offer the best scenic views are spring and autumn, where the trees are in different colours. The risk of coming here during the night is that it was pretty dark, so you won’t get to take good pictures as much as in the day time.


In the spring season, the trees are colourful

In the spring season, the trees are colourful

The tower is not only a favourite place to visit for families, but also for couples. Similar to Paris’ Pont de l’Archevêché, it is believed that those couples who lock their lock on the rails of the tower and tosses they key, will be together forever. It’s such a romantic place…

The locks are not only locked along the rails of the towers, but also on the trees. Most couple will bring their own padlocks, or you can also buy on the spot. The locks are different in shapes and colours and most of them are personally written and drawn.


Trees of locks

Trees of locks

Lock your locks and your love will be eternal

Lock your locks and your love will be eternal

There are a few tourist attractions which are worth going within the tower; Roof Terrace, Digital Observatory and Teddy Bear Museum. Tickets are available at the Plaza Square or on the basement level. There is a package deal too for those who wish to visit the Observatory Deck and Teddy bear Museum.

On my daytime-visit, I decided not to go up the tower’s observation deck because the Seoul city doesn’t look nice during the day. But, it’s a total opposite at night. At night, the tower is colourfully lighted up and it is a worthy-experience to go up and see the light-up Seoul city. So pretty! Make sure to come up the tower in a good weather, not in hazy, snowy, or rainy days. Unless, you won’t get to see anything there.

Night view of Seoul city from the tower

Night view of Seoul city from the tower

The number of visitors coming here keeps increasing, especially on weekends. During the day, there are more people to come here.

I had a good time visiting such a romantic place. The tower is a special place where not only couples, but families can enjoy and make meaningful memories together. Neither at night or day, N Seoul Tower does not fail to offer a scenic view of Seoul city in 360 degree in a bird’s eye view.


Admission Fees for N Seoul Tower:

  1. Observatory :  Adults (18+): 9,000 won / Seniors (65+) & Youth (13-17): 7,000 won / Children (3-12): 5,000 won / Infants (Under 3): Free
  2. Teddy Bear Museum :  Adults (18+) 8,000 won / Seniors (65+) & Youth (13-17): 6,000 won / Children (3-12): 5,000 won / Infants (Under 3): Free
  3. Observatory + Teddy Bear Museum Package  Adults (18+): 14,000 won / Seniors (65+) & Youth (13-17): 10,000 won / Children (3-12): 7,000 won

Admission Fees for Cable Car :

  1. Adults (Roundtrip) : Individuals 8,500 won / Groups 7,000 won
  2. Adults (One-way) :  Individuals 6,000 won / Groups 5,000 won
  3. Children (Roundtrip) : Individuals 5,500 won / Groups 4,500 won
  4. Children (One-way) : Individuals 3,500 won / Groups 3,000 won

* Operating Hours : 10AM – 11PM (all year around)

How to go there:

  • By cab and cable car:

From Myeongdong subway station, flag a cab and ask the driver to drop you at the Cable Car Station. Take the cable car up to the tower.

  • By foot and cable car:

From Myeongdong station (line 4, blue line) take exit #3. Take the wide street and you will reach the Pacific Hotel. Take the street on the left side of the hotel and  Continue walking through the commercial quarter until you reach a small stairway. Climb up the stairs and keep walking up the street towards the direction of the Mount Namsan. After 15 minutes walk, you will reach the cable car station. Take the cable car up to the tower.

  • By shuttle bus and cable car:

Take subway to Myeongdong station (line 4, blue line), take exit #7 or #8. Wait in front of an office building/bank for the free shuttle that will take you to the cable car station.

  • By bus:

Take a yellow bus at Chungmuro station (line 3 and 4, orange and blue line) or at Dongguk University station (Line 3, orange line). Take the yellow bus 2 at the bus stop in front of the subway station. The bus will stop at the bus stop at the N Seoul Tower.

How to go back from N Seoul Tower:
Buy a return ticket before going up to the tower and take the cable car back to the cable car station. From there, you can take a cab (normal fare to Myeongdong: 3000KRW).

Ps: Beware of the scam cab driver who refuse to switch on the meter and will charge tourists for the fare. Bad ones can charge you until 30,000KRW!

OR, alternatively wait for the FREE shuttle bus to Myeongdong which come regularly.

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