Lotte World / Star Avenue

Today was time for theme park!

There are two famous themeparks in Seoul, which are Everland and Lotte World. This time, we only managed to go to Lotte World. It is situated right above the Jamsil train station. Another reason why we chose to go to Lotte World because we wanted to see Stars Avenue too.

Lotte World has an indoor and outdoor section. Therefore although when it rained when we reached the park, we still could enjoy the rides in indoor section.


After playing, it was snacking time! We went to buy this ‘fried ddeokbokki with sauce’, but it was not nice at all. >.<

Playing time was over! Time to go to see the Hallyu Stars! I couldn’t wait to see JKS, my favorite star… JKS, I’m coming!

Did not play much as the theme park is not as big as what I expect, however it was fun! My next time visit will be Everland, but maybe in the summer :p

How to go there:
Take train to Jamsil Station (Line 2), exit #4. Go out to the shopping mall and follow the signage to reach the theme park. It is inside the shopping mall.

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