Trick Eye Museum Hongdae

Don’t like to go to museums because you think they are boring? Try visit the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul. It is not the same as other museums and you will be able to to interact with the artworks. The art gallery exhibits 2D paintings created with techniques to give the illusion of being 3D. The visitors can pose just right so that  they look as if they are part of the paintings.

There are a few Trick Eye Museums in Seoul. Hongdae’s is one of them. The museum located in the basement level of Seogyo Plaza apartment building within the shopping area of Hongdae. It is very easy to find its location and if you were to get lost, most people will know the location.

It is better to have a companion when visiting the museum so you can take turns taking picture. My friend and I visited the museum in one afternoon. We purchased the tickets at the counter, rent a locker to keep our bags and bring our cameras. We did not want to carry our bags while doing poses :p

They also have “The Scream” here

All the drawings are done on the wall! But the effects are 3D and seem to be real. To be part of the paintings, we have to do funny poses and expressions. Most of them do not work with only ‘smiling’ pose, such as sitting inside a big gigantic fish… And at some popular paintings, we have to take turns with other visitors.

Some paintings may require you to lay down or sit on the floor. So it’s better to wear a proper attire especially for ladies.



I wish they are real money

I wish they are real money

How fun it is! The admission maybe a bit pricey, but it is really a worth of money. We really enjoyed everything and most of the photos we took turned out to be funny and nice.

Recently, they just opened another new attraction and you can enter with one ticket. It’s called Ice Museum. I’ve never been to the Ice Museum before. But as seen from other blogs, it exhibits ice sculptures in a freezer room, but still in the same concept as the Trick Eye Museum. I’ll visit the Ice Museum next time!

Opening Hours: 9AM – 9PM (Last admission is at 8PM)

Admission: 15,000KRW (adult) / 12,000KRW (children below 18)


How to go there:

Take subway to Hongik University Station 홍대입구 (subway line 2, green line) and take exit #9. From the exit keep walking straight passing by KT Olleh shop. You will see the Angel in Us Cafe on your left side. Cross the big street and turn to your left. Walk towards Tony Moly cosmetic shops and turn right into the second alley just before the shop. Shortly you will see the signage of Trick Eye Museum and the stairs to the basement level of Seogyo Plaza.

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