Ta Phrom, the Jungle Temple






Ta Phrom, my favourite temple among the other sites in Angkor. This beautiful temple is bound by massive roots of huge trees, complimenting the mysterious feel for everyone who steps into this magnificent temple site.

It was not originally built bound by the trees. Just like the other temples, it used to serve its function as a monastery of the king, modelled on the King Jayavarman VII’s mother image of wisdom. After the fall of the Khmer Kingdom, it was abandoned and was found by French in the condition of the temple had been bound by the giant trees. This human-made temple eventually was overtaken by the nature.

The temple became well-known after the filming of Tomb Raider movie was conducted here. In fact, Ta Phrom is also well-known as the “Tomb Raider Temple”.

We made the best decision to visit Ta Phrom after Angkor and Bayon. By the time we reached Ta Phrom, it was already afternoon when the sun was the hottest. Unless you have the intention to sun-bake, sun block is a YES. There are a few ways to explore the temple sites; by bicycles or by cars. I booked a guided tour which had provided the transport service, a certified local guide and unlimited bottles of mineral water! I was certainly satisfied with my nice and knowledgeable guide. I learnt so much about Angkor from him.

Ta Phrom was the last site of my one-day tour. The whole journey was amazing and unforgettable. I’ve heard stories of those who visit The Angkor will get templed out, nope, I did not get templed out :p


Dress code: Shirt with covered shoulders, long trousers or skirt (below the knees)
You’ll need: SUN BLOCK, bottles of water,hat, sunglasses, umbrella


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