Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette opens its outlet to Singapore!

It is a top brand Korean bread and confectionery chain originated in South-Korea. Their outlets are not only in Seoul, but the brand has expand to China and USA. When I went for my Korea trip, Paris Baguette are everywhere in Seoul. Not only that the brand is commercialized by top Korean actors/singers.

I did try their birthday chocolate cake once. They have variety of cute cakes. Since it was for my friend’s birthday, I bought a chocolate cake in the shape of teddy bear. Their cake is so soft and moist. Not much cream too…

In the first week after the shop opened their outlet at Wisma Atria at Orchard, level 2, my friends and I tried their cakes. Expected, people were q-ing too since Singaporeans like to try new things. But the management are smart enough to separate their cashiers. They have the Q for those who want to dine in and those who only want to take-away bread. Since we were there to sit down and try their cakes, we save time Q-ing.

Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria, Orchard

Sadly, there were only Strawberry Short Cake and Oh-My Baby Crepe cake left. So after we found seats, we just grabbed those cakes to try, anyway I wanted to try their cream cake. The softness and cake texture is similar with those in Seoul, and it’s not too creamy and too sweet 🙂
There were many Koreans customers too. Even the staffs are Koreans. This evoked the nostalgic feel of being in Seoul. Miss those time so much…

Sandwich, anyone?

I recommend their Royal Pudding. It tastes like Creme Brulee. If you have sweet-tooth, go and try for this one. The packaging is so cute, it was packaged in a small bottle with a long spoon. There are 3 flavors, but I tried their original one.

**** Royal Pudding

When it was the time for us to make a move, different batches of cakes came out! But we were too full, so could not try their other cakes. Maybe next time. The design of their cakes are very pretty that will tempt you to try.

Strawberry Short Cake and Oh-My Baby Crepe

Okay, this maybe sounds stupid because only I would get excited seeing this piece of paper… My friend who checked through the bill receipt, showed me the name of the owner. It’s CHOI S.W! What comes in my mind is Choi Si Won of Super Junior! Pardon me with my craze of the Suju. But I could not help of my imagination went wild lol!! Maybe he is the owner of the branch?!

Owner name : Choi S.W. (Choi Si Won of Suju?)

It is a good place to sit down during your tea time. They serve heavy meals too, not only cakes and pastries. Even they have Korean-traditional shaved ice (Patbingsu) too. Maybe I will try their shaved ice next time. I will surely return to Paris Baguette again.

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