House of the Virgin Mary


The House of Virgin Mary or in Turkish “Meryemana Evi” is an important place for Catholics and Muslims. The place is located on Mt. Koressos. It is a very tranquil and peaceful place.

This chapel, long believed to be the place where Mother Mary spent her later years, is a very small and modest building. This place came about from a dream by an invalid nun in Germany in the early 19th century who had a series of visions about this place. The house is made of preserved stone, not large and very modest.

In 2013, there was a massive forest fire along Turkey’s Aegean coastline. Miraculously, the fire stopped within 1.5 meters of the house. Though the flames had destroyed everything within 1 to 1.5 meters of the house, there was not even a spot of damage to the house itself.

No photograph allowed to be taken inside the house. Upon entering, an altar with a large statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is prominently displayed in the center. It is very peaceful inside and those who want to pray can kneel down.


The House of Virgin Mary

Once you have walked through the house you then will travel down the path to the natural spring where you can gather your own holy water. Pilgrims believe that the water from the spring water have healing properties. Next to the spring was the wishing wall where you place your notes written with a wish.


Spring water, believed to have healing power


The wishing wall, believed to be miraculous

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