Blue Mosque

blue mosque2

Sultanahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque from outside

Sultanahmet Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque. It is my first attraction that I visited on the first day after I landed in Istanbul after 20-hour of flight. It is located just opposite of Ayasophia (Hagia Sophia) museum.

blue mosque1

It is popular as Blue Mosque because of its blue tiles in its interior. The mosque is still used for prayer but on the other hand, tourists still can visit the place. Before entering, there are specific dress code for the visitors. Woman must wear a hijab / scarf on their head and skirt or pants below the knee. Of course, no tank top or sleeveless shirt. As for man, no shorts and sleeveless shirt are allowed. Shoes must be taken off and place in a plastic bag provided.

blue mosque3

Indoor interior with chandeliers, stain glass and big domes

It has 1 main dome and 8 secondary domes. The interior is made with handmade ceramics, mainly white with blue paint dominates the upper levels. Chandeliers are also hang quite low as the big stained glass windows allows the sunlight to light up the interior.

As built in the influence of Ottoman architecture, Blue Mosque is synthesized with architectural traditions of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with vast inner spaces confined by seemingly weightless yet massive domes, and achieving perfect harmony between inner and outer spaces.

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