Green Mosque & Green Tomb in Bursa

From Istanbul, I continued my Turkey Tour to Bursa. Bursa has a few famous places that worth the visit. 

Yesil Camii is another great mosque of Turkey built in Ottoman architecture style. It is also known as Green Mosque. Similar as Sultanahmet Mosque or also known as Blue Mosque, Yesil Camii also takes its name “Green Mosque” from the green-blue tiles of the interior.

Same as Sultanahmet Mosque and Great Mosque, before entering appropriate attire is required, shoes must be taken off and women need to cover their head. It did not take so much time to explore Yesil Camii. Outer appearance of the mosque is covered in white marble with very exquisite decorations. But the interior inside is magnificent with the walls covered with dark green tiles. There is also a beautiful mirhab (prayer niche) is apparently known as the ‘gate to paradise’.

green mosque

Outer part covered with marble

Green mosaic walls inside, behind the mihrab (prayer niche)

Green mosaic walls inside, behind the mihrab (prayer niche)

Behind the Green Mosque is the Yesil Türbe (Green Tomb), which is only about 1-2 mins away. It is built on a hexagonal plan with a hemi-spherical dome. The exterior is clad with green-blue tiles give it its name. The door is made of wood, and carved in a very detailed carving. Inside, the tomb on the platform belongs to Mehmed I stands on a platform at the center surrounded by seven other tombs.

The total hour spent for both places are lesser than 1 hour, but both places are worth to go.

green tomb2

Tomb of Mehmed I as seen on the platform

Exterior of the Green Tomb

Exterior of the Green Tomb

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