The Bayon Temple

The Bayon

The Bayon

After our visit to the magnificent Angkor Temple (read my post about Angkor Temple here), we continued to the next site. The Bayon Temple is another amazing site of Angkor Wat that I would say worth the journey. Once we arrived at The Bayon, it was already almost noon and the day was getting hotter.

Stepping into the temple complex, I was welcomed by many massive stones with smiling faces looking to four directions. Each statue features a smile and each smiling face represents the charming smile, sad smile, glad smile and the beautiful smile. It is believed that they are images of The King Jayavarman VII.

I left, wondering how the temple was built. The wall carvings were so beautifully made and detailed. Each of them depict stories of of The Khmer Kingdom and Buddhism.


The face with most beautiful smile

The face with most beautiful smile.

The detailed stone carvings

The detailed stone carvings

I would suggest if you are planning to explore the temples, go with the order of The Angkor Temple for its spectacular sunrise experience, followed by The Bayon Temple and The Ta Phrom. There are more shades in Angkor and the Ta Phrom temples, but not The Bayon. The afternoon sun in Cambodia can be scorching, especially during the summer season. Unless if you are into sunbathing 🙂

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