Ok-Ru-Mong Patbingsoo (옥루몽 팥빙수)


During the hot and humid summer, patbingsu 팥빙수 is the most popular dessert in Seoul. It will never fail to bring cool and comfort. Even during the month of October, when the weather starts to cool down, people still looking for a good patbingsu.

I have tried a few type of patbingsu. From some cafe brands to the original one. Personally, I prefer the traditional patbingsu with milky snowy ice, red beans and rice cakes.

Hunting for a good one is another challenge for me. Then I found Okrumong 옥루몽, one of the most popular patbingsu shop at Hapjeong 합정. The shop is quite easy to be reached. You will see a noticeable banner outside the shop. Even from a distance, I could see people queuing up, waiting to be seated.


People queuing outside the shop

The queue did not take too long. I got a seat after less than 10 minutes of waiting. Yeay!

They have a few varieties of patbingsu:

  • Traditional Red Bean Bingsu (가마솥전통팥빙수) – 8,000KRW
  • Green Tea Bingsu (녹차빙수) – 9,000KRW
  • Traditional red bean porridge (전통팥죽) – 7,500KRW
  • Sweet pumpkin porridge (호박죽) – 7,500KRW
  • Sweet red bean porridge (단팥죽) – 7,500KRW

I decided to try their green tea bingsu. After ordering at the counter, they gave a token that will vibrate when our order is ready. It took quite a while because the shop was crowded.


Green tea bingsoo 녹차빙수

Took my first scoop, it is soooo good! The shaved ice is definitely soft and snowy with a distinct taste of green tea. They are not stingy with the red bean topping too. You can see from the picture how much red bean they gave. And my favourite part of eating patbingsu is the rice cake, it is so chewy and soft. Yummy!

Okrumong has a few outlets according to their website (http://www.okrumong.com/locations/). But it is in korean. As I went to Hapjeong, I will provide the way to their Hapjeong outlet.

Looking for a good Patbingsoo? Okrumong has the perfect Patbingsoo for you.

How to get there:

– Take subway to Sangsu Station (line 6, brown line) and took exit #1. From the subway exit, go straight. If you are going to right direction, you will see Standing Coffee on your right. Keep walking until you reach the big junction. You will see a car parking area. Take a right turn and walk on the left side of the street. Okrumong is located right at the corner of the second junction.

Hapjeong Outlet Address: 서울 마포구 서교동 402-18 1층

Contact No: 02-325-4040

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