Chilli Cha Cha Croquettes – Hapjeong

I have been looking forward to try this known Hapjeong Croquette at Chilli Cha Cha. They are known for their special flavors of croquettes and I have read a number of good reviews about this fried food bar.

Initially my friend and I planned to have lunch last Wednesday. However, we failed to check the opening hours, so we pushed the plan to Saturday. So please check their opening hours before hand if you are planning to go there.

This is their opening hours (if they have not changed it yet):

  • Monday-Friday : 12pm – 2pm, 3.30pm -10.30
  • Saturday : 3pm -10.30pm
  • Sunday / Public Holidays : 3pm -10pm

There are 2 ways to reach the place. You can go from Hapjeong Station or Sangsu Station. I chose to go from Sangsu Station since the walking distance is simpler and nearer. After walking less than 10 minutes, finally we saw the foodbar.



Their menu (in Korean)

We decided to try their Squid (오징오), Gim mari (김말이), Corn Croquette (옥수수 크로겟), Potato Croquette (감자 크로겟), Basil Cream Croquette (바질 크로겟), Kare Croquette (카레 크로겟) and not to forget, their Chilli Bowl (칠리볼)!

Their twigim is just so so (I still prefer Ssak twigim bar at Hongdae), but I like their potato and corn croquettes. It is crispy outside but soft inside. The potato is perfectly melt on your mouth, slurp…. The basil cream and the kare croquettes are quite unique as they mixed the potato with barley. Although it is good, I still prefer potato based for croquettes. The Chllli Bowl tastes good too, with generous serving of cheese, meat and not like the usual chili, they also add ddukbokki (korean rice cake). It can serve as dipping sauce for the croquettes too, at least for me 🙂

Squid (오징오), Gim mari (김말이), Corn Croquette (옥수수 크로겟), Potato Croquette  (감자 크로겟), Basil Cream Croquette (바질 크로겟), Kare Croquette (카레 크로겟)

Squid (오징오), Gim mari (김말이), Corn Croquette (옥수수 크로겟), Potato Croquette (감자 크로겟), Basil Cream Croquette (바질 크로겟), Kare Croquette (카레 크로겟)


Chilli Bowl (칠리볼) with ddukbokki

They do have other kind of croquette such as Fruit, Pumpkin, Fermented Bean Croquette and Tomato Croquettes too. I personally prefer potato than pumpkin, so we did not order it. As for the tomato one, I read the review that it is only the mix of tomato pasta sauce with potato and barley. But to imagine the taste of potato mixed with fruits, err…. Maybe next time, haha….

Overall the croquettes are really good and I will go back there again for sure!

How to go there:

Sangsu Station (line 6) exit 1. Just go straight, you will pass by Standing Coffee on your right. Keep going straight until you see a car park area within cafes/restaurants. Turn right on the NEXT TURN after the car park junction and go straight and you will see Chilli Cha Cha just around the corner.


-From Hapjeong Station (line 2) exit 6. Go straight and turn left on the 5th turn. You will see Chilli Cha Cha.


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